Catering Sales Manager - Lodging Hospitality Management

Catering Sales Manager

A catering sales manager targets and coordinates catering sales efforts. The job involves initiation and development of quality leads to ensure growth of catering sales.

The primary responsibility of a catering sales manager is to develop existing business and solicit new catering business through catering lead generation and catering sales marketing. The sales manager solicits new catering customers through traditional and non-traditional sales techniques.


Other important duties include booking, selling, planning and coordinating all special social events while assuring the highest level of customer service. Generating revenue, establishing new accounts, monitoring booking space, booking repeat business while keeping quality consistently high, conducting catering sales presentations and catering sales calls also falls under the purview of a catering sales manager job.




Corporate, Government, Association, Local Social Catering, Class/Family Reunions and Weddings


Duties & Responsibilities

Qualify needs of client/business, conduct site inspections, generate proposals, prepare contracts, work as customer liaison between client and hotel, create banquet event orders, collect payment, on-site for execution of events, post con follow up and re-solicit as necessary.



Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills

Teamwork Oriented

Maintains a Good Energy Level

Thorough and Organized