Executive Lounge Bartender (Concierge ) - Lodging Hospitality Management

Executive Lounge Bartender (Concierge )

  1. Maintains proper and adequate set-up of the bar on a daily basis. This includes stocking of all beer, wine, spirits, paper products, straws and stirrers, condiments and produce based on projections from the Food and Beverage department as per guest occupancy.
  2. Responsible for maintaining stock, cutting, and storing of all fresh fruit and vegetable garnishes, juices and other perishables daily to insure product quality using product dating and FIFO method
  3. Greets guests in a courteous and friendly manner, addresses the guest by name always, by utilizing 4Core. Promotes and upsells food and liquor with every guest. Mixes garnishes and presents drinks using standard ingredient recipes pouring liquor, beer, and wine to Marriott Standards.
  4. Inputs orders into a register at the point of sale and creates a check for each guest. Maintains an accurate record of all beverage items served.
  5. Processes cash, credit cards and/or voucher transactions, makes change as needed, verifies validity of charges, records charges, and insures vouchers are properly executed, in order to balance all monies.
  6. Stores and secures all beverage, food and other equipment, deposits cash and vouchers, drops and secures bank.
  7. Maintains and promotes a clean, sanitized, debris free work area and practices the “Clean as you go” method
  8. Checks identification to verify age requirements to purchase alcohol
  9. Provides guidance and insight to guests about hotel, history, and LAK (Local area knowledge)