Human Resource Manager - Lodging Hospitality Management

Human Resource Manager

  1. Direct and instruct the management staff in effective recruiting and interviewing techniques using methods such as verbal presentations and written directions to ensure the hiring and retention of qualified and efficient employees. Conduct full and/or screening interviews for all positions.
  2. Enroll employee development by controlling the implementation, administration and monitoring of all training programs. Instruct training classes, analyze and review current and proposed methods, consult with and make recommendations to the management staff for improvement.
  3. Monitor employee performance appraisal programs to ensure reviews are timely. Read and analyze evaluations and goals to ensure appraisal comments are appropriate and goals are achievable.  Direct and administer employee relations programs such as employee recognition and service award ceremonies, as well as general hotel meetings to maintain positive employee morale.
  4. Develop, implement and administer policies and programs related to the management of all hotel personnel to ensure the maintenance of a positive and productive employment environment. Monitor same for fair and consistent application.
  5. Ensure compliance with all State and Federal labor laws and regulations, implement new procedures as required. Supervise Affirmative Action program.
  6. Provide assistance, guidance and counseling to the General Manager, management staff and line employees in order to maximize the quality and professionalism of the hotel staff by listening and interpreting concerns and objectives and seeking solutions.
  7. Control the administration of wages and benefits to ensure the accurate and equitable application of same, conduct annual wage scale survey and recommend necessary changes to keep our property competitive.
  8. Review and appraise all personnel changes and paperwork for merit and accuracy. Approve all required Human Resource forms.