Dive Safety Officer - Lodging Hospitality Management

Dive Safety Officer

Position Summary This position is responsible for managing the day-to-day dive program in the Aquarium in response to the Dive Control Board. Primary responsibilities include dive operations with emphasis on the care, wellbeing, and management of all animal habitats and equipment under the facility’s care; maintenance of all habitats; and positive management of all staff within the Life Sciences Department. This position is responsible for managing and updating the facility’s Dive Program to maintain compliance with all local, federal and industry standards to ensure highest level of safety, efficiency and operational readiness of all divers. Duties & Responsibilities
• To manage, support and supervise all staff within the dive program of the Life Sciences Department to ensure highest level of safety, courtesy, education, efficiency and operational readiness.
• To oversee and ensure the safety of diving projects and operations.
• Complete understanding of AAUS and OSHA diving regulations as well as current industry accepted dive practices.
• To maintain positive representation to professional agencies, institutions and various committees.
• Ensure compliance of health and safety standards in accordance with local municipality, state and federal rules and regulations.
• Maintain animal care and habitats compliance of facility specific policies and procedures.
• Manage the diving schedule of Life Sciences staff, in coordination with the Life Science managers and seniors, to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained for all scheduled and non-scheduled dive operations.
• Monitor the diving inventory and departmental expenditure in order to reduce loss/waste, control costs and accurately communicate expenses.
• Maintain up-to-date electronic records on dive operations.
• Monitor and identify animal health concerns, disease diagnosis and water quality.
• Communicate to the Animal Care Managers of any observed animal health.
• Assist in the development and implementation of policy and procedure documents as agreed by the dive control board.
• Manage dive emergency situations to minimize damage, loss or injury to guests, team members, animals or company property.
• Assist in the preparation of periodic dive reports for all Life Sciences Department activities.
• In collaboration with Guest Experience Department, ensure habitats and programs engage, educate and entertain diverse audiences.
• Work closely with the Aquarium Foundation to train and schedule volunteers and to ensure volunteers and educators provide exemplary guest service and engagement.
• Perform daily dive requirements.
• Other duties as assigned.

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