Event Meeting Manager - Lodging Hospitality Management

Event Meeting Manager

Phase One 3-6 months

  • Phone Answering
    • Phone inquiries, enter into FDC
    • General calls on the Sale line
  • Print and Distribute Door Cards
  • Print and Distribute Readerboads
  • Resumes Distribution
  • FDC Computer Training Modules

Phase Two 6-8 months

  • Continuation of Phase One tasks
  • Complete ownership of the BEO distribution and daily changes
  • Attends Staff and Resume Weekly
  • Attends BEO meeting daily
  • Details all groups booked between 15-45 days prior to arrival
  • Attends majority of site inspections for Weddings
  • Attends majority of site inspection for small to mid size corporate
  • Shadows the following manager for two days (non consecutively)
    • Catering Manager
    • Group Sales Manager
    • Convention Services Manager
    • Business Transient Sales Manager
    • Executive Chef
    • Banquet Manager
    • Housekeeping Manager
    • Front Office Manager
  • Hilton University Courses as assigned (I NEED TO RESEACH THESE)

Phase Three 8-12 months

  • Continuation of Phase One and Two tasks
  • Client Events/Entertainment with manager
  • Attends Complex Site inspections
  • Responds to leads via
    • CVENT
    • Simpleview
    • MeetingBroker
  • Creates Proposal
  • Learn contracting language, the intention of LHM’s standard clauses
  • Continuation of Hilton University Course

Read “Taming the Email Beast” and one additional le