Sustainability - Lodging Hospitality Management


Lodging Hospitality Management is committed to building a brighter tomorrow by employing sustainability best practices, including the following:

  • Energy Savings and Efficiency
    • Advanced in-room thermostats that substantially reduce energy consumption in guest rooms during unoccupied periods
    • Conversion to new lighting technology including compact fluorescent and LED lamps in guest rooms, public spaces and back of the house areas
    • Retro-commissioning on existing HVAC systems and equipment to reduce energy consumption
    • Scheduling/occupancy settings on HVAC systems for meeting space
    • Installation of energy efficient equipment in all new construction and remodeling
    • Hot water heat exchangers for swimming pools
  • Waste Reduction and Diversion:
    • Recycling initiatives for plastic, glass, and cardboard
    • Recycling of fluorescent light bulbs
    • Substitutes for bottled water available
    • Purchasing paper goods from recycled fiber
  • Water Conservation:
    • Automatic faucets and toilets in public restrooms to reduce water consumption
    • Rain and moisture sensors on irrigation systems
  • Environmentally-Friendly Products and Maintenance:
    • Low VOC paints
    • Live indoor plants to increase air quality
    • Green housekeeping and maintenance chemicals