Cathy J. Raftery - Lodging Hospitality Management


Cathy J. Raftery

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Cathy Raftery has been with LHM since it opened in 1986 and currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Lodging Hospitality Management. In her role, she oversees the hiring and recruitment of LHM’s corporate staff, as well as key personnel at all properties owned or managed by the company.

In addition to serving as Executive Assistant to Robert O’Loughlin and Office Manager, she is the travel coordinator for LHM and also works closely with the property personnel directors in conducting annual audits and reporting the findings to corporate staff and property general managers. She also serves as the liaison to all owners and investors in LHM properties. Additionally, Raftery is responsible for administration of all benefit programs as well as the 401K plan.