Staff Accountant - Lodging Hospitality Management

Staff Accountant

  1. Monitor all relative paperwork daily necessary to stay within company billing standards. This applies to all balances/credits on the City Ledger, House Accounts and Group Masters unless previously advised otherwise.
  2. Group bills assembled and invoiced/charged within 3 business days of checkout. Groups that are not direct bill approved must have the payment or credit card authorized in full 72 hours prior to arrival.
  3. Courtesy calls made within 10 business days to validate the receipt and accuracy of the invoice.
  4. Client must be contacted if payment not received within 30 day payment terms.
  5. Detailed written records must be kept on attempts to contact client including date, name, phone number and email. Emails should be printed for easy reference.
  6. A/R files must be kept in as outlined in A/R SOP
  7. Good communication must be kept with the Accounting, Front Desk and Sales departments to ensure timely billing.
  8. All files must be neatly organized and maintained on a daily basis. In the event of an absence from work, files must be readily and easily accessible.
  9. Maintain current direct bill applications and obtain same for all new accounts. Check on references and determine client’s ability to pay in a timely manner then route to Controller for approval.